A Bit About Us

Our name is quite well known throughout the classic car industry and club scene, especially with those looking for power steering. We have been involved in the motor industry since the late 80s, and in the mid 90s we began a successful 24-hour vehicle rescue service in which we run till 2019. In early 2005, we started our sister company “mk2mania”, as a lover of older RWD fords and having been involved in building/restoring them since the 90’s, we thought it was a no-brainer. In 2007, as a result of building and improving our own cars, we started “easysteer”. So with a couple of businesses to run, we are always flat out work wise, however our businesses are family run and this is why we can keep our prices realistic and our services as prompt as possible.

Why Choose Us

At easysteer it’s not just work, we have a passion for what we do and take pride in the solutions we deliver. We treat every install or column build as if it’s for one of our own vehicles. Whether it’s a high-end vintage or road going retro, it doesn’t leave the workshop until we’re satisfied it meet our own personal high standards.

We’ve got over 30 years in the motoring industry and more than 20 years of hands-on experience with classic cars, these being both owned and customer vehicles, and since 2005, a full time business. We have well over 1000 steering systems in use, and a large percentage of these are in house installations.

Furthermore, we are not a flash-in-the-pan company and if you need our support now or years down the line, we will be here to help. We offer email and phone based support, available from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday. With that said, we are a no-nonsense team and will always respond promptly when you need us. We have seen other companies come and go, and we plan to still be here years from now. We hope our reviews and previous installations speak for themselves.

Not only that, but we genuinely enjoy working on classic cars, obviously you get the days when you wish you didn’t, but when you see a customer smiling from ear to ear as they drive away in the classic knowing there going to get a load more use and enjoyment out of their car, it definitely makes the job worth doing and worth doing well.

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