B Series Kit

Our “B SERIES KIT ” is our most popular system. It is super powerful and perfect for a vehicle with very heavy steering including either car or commercial. We have fitted these to all manner of vehicles inc 5 tonne Mercedes, 7 berth motorhomes, and this motors behave faultless. This system is compact yet heavy duty in power steering terms, making it ideal for the race / track cars with short ratio steering and wide track tyres which all add to steering weight. Supplied with the kit is a lower bolt on shaft that includes two uj’s, a bolt on support bracket and a telescopic splined input shaft. The B series system has an externally fixed torque sensor, and again with all our systems included are wiring instructions, the controller, fuses and holders, and the correct length and gauge of wiring.

Other controller options are available for the B system, both automatic control and speed sensitive