Speed Sensitive

easysteer speed sensitive controller can be used on the B and T series systems to convert the power steering to speed sensitive, converting speed pulses into a signal that the steering ECU expects to see. This ultimately gives the steering ECU the ability to run different assistant levels depending on the vehicle speed, as it was designed to, and all the changes in steering assistance are done seamlessly. This involves mounting a remote proximity sensor to the vehicle to read speed, normally pointed at the prop shaft or a wheel hub.

Seamless Speed Changes


= High Power Assistance

<15 – 35MPH

= Medium Power Assistance


= Low Power Assistance / OFF


You may set the speeds to suit your car and your own driving needs.

To do this, the Speed Unit needs a 5V to 12V pulse from your speed sensor, this is where the proximity sensor comes in or a hall sensor. This can detect a bolt or toothed wheel, etc. If you have a VR sensor (abs style) then this needs converting to a 12V pulse before it can feed the steering controller unit.

Based on our own installs, our speed controllers are relatively easy to install with our very reliable LED proximity switches. These are very hard wearing and produce a reliable signal needed by the control unit, they also have an LED to show you when it is reading correctly.

Why Our Controllers

There is a long list of vehicles that use our electric power steering controllers which are all hassle free. These units are easy to install, small, durable and work very well. They are also compatible with all our steering systems.

Our units are professionally made circuits on a custom PCB. They are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) which is an EU directive intended to protect the environment by forcing manufacturers to remove environmentally hazardous substances.

Other Controller Types