Please see Our Work page to see if your car’s make and model has already been covered, and if there is sufficient space in and around the column and a power supply than it’s more than likely possible.

If it has got a steering wheel which is heavy to turn and there is a power supply, then, we can help. Cars, vans, commercials, motorhomes, trucks, 4×4, off roader and kits are all possible.

We may need to get creative and think outside the box, but on the whole, yes we can find a solution.

Steering box or rack and pinion are both possible including RHD and LHD.

We will need to do a polarity swap prior to the steering installation.

As a rule, if there is anything in the centre of the steering wheel that is hard-wired,  it will need to be revised, either via wireless or auxiliary operation.

Over 80% of the installations we do at easysteer are hidden away either under the dash or behind shrouds, and all our installation retain their original steering wheel, switches and stalks etc. The visual impact of a steering system will be minimal as shown in all our videos and images.

All our steering installs are covered by a twelve months hassle-free warranty.

Electric steering is very clean and efficient it doesn’t take horsepower from your engine, it only adds half the weight of a hydraulic system, its maintenance free, doesn’t clutter the engine bay, it can be adjusted or even turned off, less expensive, more reliable, readily available.