Why do you need a steering controller unit?

Electric power steering uses an electric motor to assist the steering. A computer module (ECU) receives information from several sensors and decides which level of assistance the electric motor should deliver to the steering. When you install an electric power steering set up to your vehicle without a steering controller unit, it will not work as the ECU doesn’t receive information from the vehicle and engine speed sensor. These are not often fitted to the older vehicles and that’s why you need a steering controller unit; it sends the relevant information to the steering ECU. Therefore, without this, an electric power steering system will not work.

Which one?

Here at Easysteer, we offer three types of steering control unit which are all very effective. Around 95% of the time, we fit the variable and auto controller; the variable is a small controller with a potentiometer that allows you to vary the steering weight.

Why Our Controllers

There is a long list of vehicles that use our electric power steering controllers which are all hassle free. These units are easy to install, small, durable and work very well. They are also compatible with all our steering systems.

Our units are professionally made circuits on a custom PCB. They are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) which is an EU directive intended to protect the environment by forcing manufacturers to remove environmentally hazardous substances.