Why easysteer?

Our Easysteer DIY systems are aimed at those who can do a bit. All of our DIY systems can be fitted to either RHD or LHD. Why £1000s for an outdated and often tired out hydraulic set up, or £1000s for an overpriced electric system, when our system is probably the best on the market and a lot more affordable, We are proud to have been around the longest and have designed and installed more than most.

How is it done?

To start, fabricating and cutting of your column to install the EPS kit won’t be a two-minute job. However, anyone with good mechanical/fabrication skills will have the conversion done in a few hours. If done correctly, it will carry all of your old switches, steering wheel ignition barrel and covers etc.and should bolt straight onto your car as normal, then the only other simple thing you may need to do is a small support bracket to take the extra weight (5 kgs more than the stock column). After this, you must wire the controller up and mount the steering ECU, all of which are included in the kit as well as all the necessary heavy-duty wires fuses and holders and all the terminals and connectors. All our systems come with full wiring instructions, and as this is a universal system, we do not include column fabrication / modification instructions because every vehicle is different.

Here at easysteer we use and offer our customer a huge variety of systems, All have varying power outputs and use different mounting methods, over the years we’ve fitted our systems to most things and are happy advise on which unit best suits your needs.